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Welcome to ClintFuhs.com. My goal is to inject simplicity into the tangled complexity of integral. I've been a dedicated student of integral theory and practice for nearly ten years and a senior student of Ken Wilber's for the last five. The most important thing I have learned in that time is that you never completely understand the integral model, and you must always strive to cultivate an embodied understanding of the territory it describes. The deeper you penetrate, the more there is to discover. The process is ongoing and truly a practice for life.

I created this site as a way to meet people who are passionate about understanding integral and putting it to work in the lives. If that describes you - I'm here to serve and collaborate. I have a lot of experience working with the integral model in theory, application, and practice. From individual coaching and personal consulting to workshops and writing, my hope is that you can benefit from some of the work I've done over the last decade. My passion is working to find the simplicity on the other side of complexity. Under the guidance of Ken, I have driven right to the heart of the integral model and emerged with something to share. Drop me a line - I look forward to connecting.

Bringing integral to a fragmented world since 1979

I live my life passionately. While people typically describe me as intense, I strive to pair that intensity with an embodied sense of purpose, direction, and compassion. This aim characterizes my work and the service I offer to clients.

My path towards integration began in high school where I struggled under the relentless pressure to specialize, despite my deep inclinations for breadth over depth. Just before entering college, I found Ken's work and thus a balance between these opposing drives. I labored for years— a lone integralist in the wilderness of Vermont— until I roped 8 students into a class I taught on integral theory during my senior year. And so it began.

I then made my way to Colorado and started working with Integral Institute just prior to the launch of Integral Naked. After six years of work in operations, teaching, and curriculum, my journery with Integral Life has undergone a profound and exciting shift. I am now the founder and CEO of Core Integral, Inc. Dedicated to ensuring the integrity of a comprehensive and engaged integral understanding, Core Integral works in partnership with Ken Wilber and Integral Life. 

I am currently completing a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Development at Fielding Graduate University. My research focuses on the nature of perspective-taking—for which I was awarded best paper at the 2008 Integral Theory conference—and on an embodied perspective training practice called the Meta Practice—a joint development effort with colleague Brian Berger.

Within the next year, I will be teaching in affiliation with Core Integral, iEvolve Global Practice Community, and the degree programs at John F. Kennedy and Fielding Graduate Universities.  Additionally, I am being trained to use the Lectical Assessment System with Developmental Testing Service.


Because Integral is complicated enough

One-on-one engagement is the most effective way to work. Together we can focus on exactly what you aspire to, targeting the areas that need the most attention, freeing you to understand, apply, and communicate the integral model unlike ever before.

Consider personal coaching an individualized, customizable degree in AQAL theory and application. I will transfer the knowledge I've gained from hours of personal work with Ken directly to you through personal coaching - the most effective and exciting way to expand your capacity.

I offer focused and scalable coaching engagements in the following three areas. Let me know if you have something different in mind, or if you are interested in a 30minute free consultation.

One of the most difficult aspects of learning integral is functionally applying it to your work or another field of particular interest. Application coaching focuses on the topic area of your choice and results in a robust, customized, and accurate integral application that covers every component of the integral framework.

High quality writing about integral topics is easy to recognize but another thing entirely to produce. Whether it's your first book manuscript, a journal article, or something for school - we'll work page-by-page, clarifying the presentation of difficult concepts, ideas and arguments.

Even if you've mastered your personal understanding of integral, presenting it clearly, concisely and in a stimulating manner to live audiences takes some time to master. Drawing on my experience teaching over 100 workshops, I will guide you towards embodying a teaching presence that may be years beyond your current experience.

Costs are for hour or day long increments. Discounts are available for advance booking of more than one increment.

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These are projected costs. Please contact me using the form below to receive an accurate quote - designed to fit your needs

Phone Coaching per hour Download PDF $125.00
Phone Coaching with Editing per hour (includes review time) Download PDF $135.00
Phone Coaching (preschedule 3 sessions or more) Download PDF $115.00
Half day of Teaching (up to 3 hours) Download PDF $650.00
Full Day of Teaching (up to 8 hours) Download PDF $1500.00
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Bringing clarity to difficult concepts

Teaching is my core passion. It allows me to tap into a primordial understanding and presence - creating a knowledge transmission that renders the complexity of integral as an expression of beautiful simplicity.

I have taught more than 100 lectures and workshops on integral theory and practice. From beginner to advanced theoretical topics as well as applications to practice, leadership, and perspective-taking, I offer teaching that last from a few hours to a few days.

Described by many as the turning point in their understanding of integral, my workshops offer a practice-oriented and relevant approach to even the most advanced of theoretical topics. Not only will participants deeply connect with the reasons they engage the integral model, they will leave with a more accurate and grounded understanding of its nuances.

I am available for workshops of any length or size and for a variety of audiences. Give me a call and we can discuss your needs and the curriculum that can service them. Click "See Rates" above for more information on my teaching.

"Clint's ability to teach Integral theory is truly impressive - second only to his degree of understanding"

-Ken Wilber

New ideas expressed clearly in words

Second only to teaching, the process of writing about integral concepts is the most expansive endeavor for deepening your relationship to the model. Here I offer you a series of articles that I have written over the last few years as part of Fielding's program. They cover a range of topics from human development and leadership to epistemology and perspective-taking.

Feel free to download any of the articles. I hope you enjoy them. Only a few are in final form, so if your intention to is to cite them, please let me know. Most are written for an audience that is not entirely familiar with integral theory, so feel free to send them to a friend or colleague.


Interactive content designed to inspire learning

One of the most effective and exciting ways to teach integral is through interactive e-learning programs. I created the following e-learnings with the learner in mind. As such, these presentations speak directly to you - an entirely different experience than watching a video of someone speaking to an audience you weren't a part of. The end result is something I hope you will enjoy.

The following presentations were created for IntegralLife.com. Follow the link below to view the content that I am most passionate about creating.


Ensuring integral's integrity through certification

Core Integral has LAUNCHED!! Check us out: www.coreintegral.com


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Article Title Download Link Description
Toward an Integral Epistemology Download This paper traces the development of the philosophy of science from a positivist to postpositivist conception before making the case for an integral conception based on an Integral epistemology grounded in the Integral post-metaphysics of Integral Methodological Pluralism
A Quadrivial Analysis of Eight Leadership Books Download This article presents a unique Integral research method using Integral Theory’s quadrants to conduct literature reviews. In particular, I apply this method to analyze eight popular books on leadership. In so doing I am able to identify the quadrant focus to determine which aspect(s) of reality these books privilege. As a result of this thorough analysis the behavioral and systemic focus of the field of leadership is revealed and a vision of Integral leadership is highlighted. In conclusion this article discusses the reasons underlying the results as well as the implications they have on our collective understanding of leadership
A Map for the Integral Leader Coming Soon! Coming Soon! This article is in need of a few revisions.
Developing Perspective and Presence Through Structure-Stage and State-Stage Growth Download This article provides an overview of structure-stage and state-stage unfolding, two distinct yet simultaneous movements in human development. After exploring seven structures in each of six developmental lines— cognition, self-identity, orders of consciousness, values, morals, and faith—and four states in three traditions—mystic Christianity, the Hindu Yogasutras, and Tibetan Mahamudra—it will show how integral leaders can navigate the vertical and horizontal spectrums to cultivate perspective and presence, respectively.
An Integral Map of Perspective-Taking Download By combining past insights into the nature of perspective-taking with an innovative application of leading-edge concepts in Integral Theory, this article offers the most comprehensive description of the territory of perspective-taking. It traces perspectival development through four levels of increasing complexity, shows how different types of perspective-taking enact phenomena in each of the quadrants, and utilizes the integral math notation to detail over 1,700 perspectival expressions emerging as individuals develop through the teal altitude
Toward an Integral Approach to Organization Theory Download (Still in DRAFT form) This paper explores organizational theories that have emerged over the last century and could be categorized in one of three broad historical perspectives: objectivist, subjectivist and intersubjectivist. In particular, it investigates how these three perspectives explain organization-environment relations, organization design and structure, and organization culture. Finally, it examines the feasibility of using the Integral Approach as a foundation for constructing an organizational metatheory that includes the partial truths of each perspective
An Alternate Approach to the Evaluation and Formulation of AQAL Critiques Coming Soon! (Still in DRAFT form) This article presents a simple framework for apporaching AQAL critiques as well as serving as a message to the Integral Community

The following e-learning content is hosted on IntegralLife.com

You will need to be a free member at Integral Life to see the majority of these e-learnings. For some, you will need to be a premium member. After clicking the links below you will need to login to get to the content pages.

Title Image Author Link Abstract
Welcome to the Integral Vision Clint Fuhs View This multimedia introduction to the Learn Channel offers a glimpse into the development of the Integral Map - the theoretical framework that serves as the guide to living an integral life. The foundation for a more authentic life is waiting for you here.
What is Integral? Clint Fuhs View Do you know what Integral refers to in the name Integral Life? If not, watch this short program to find out. If you're already familiar with the Integral Approach, you may want to watch it anyway, to deepen your understanding or even just to see how we relate to it.
What are the Quadrants? Clint Fuhs View This e-learning program will help you to identify all the parts of your world that are operating in your experience, to see if you are covering and attending to all “the bases” of your life, and it will bring you one step closer to realizing greater understanding, the ability to make more informed choices, and to feel life on a deeper level.
What are Lines & Levels Clint Fuhs View As we develop through our life, we pass through different milestones or levels of development on each of the many lines, retaining all that we learned previously and adding new understanding as we progress. In the following e-learning program, you'll gain a broader understanding about the movement through levels of development, across numerous lines. That way you'll understand more about yourself and others around you.
What are States? Clint Fuhs View As you watch this e-learning program, we'll take you on a journey through the many states of consciousness that you experience—how they color your experience, how we favor some over others, how they can help us to grow, and how very transient and important they are to the human experience
What are Types? Clint Fuhs View In the following e-learning program, you will learn about types—how types, particularly masculine and feminine, show up in the world, how each has a healthy and unhealthy manifestation, and perhaps how to appreciate all the different types and the ways we all relate to the world in our own unique ways.
Emodying Passion Kelly Bearer & Clint Fuhs View In this e-learning program, we will define the two extremes of sexual polarity, help you assess which pole you most resonate with in relationship, and offer a series of practices that you can use to re-polarize your relationship. In the end, by purposefully cultivating an embodiment of your polarity, you and your lover can enjoy passion and intimacy like never before
A Tale of Four Americas: A Brief Summary of an Integral Approach to Politics Corey deVos & Clint Fuhs View A Tale of Four Americas takes a look at the political dynamics and cultural perspectives that influence every part of the Republican and Democratic parties. It explores the ideological divides that exist within each party, and offers a simple map to help make sense of these seemingly conflicting beliefs.
Obama and McCain: Seeing Through the Talking Points Clint Fuhs View Obama and McCain: Seeing Through the Talking Points lets you watch the Integral political map emerge in real time in the acceptance speeches of Senators McCain and Obama. What is each candidate really saying, and to whom are they speaking?
Sleeping With Your So-Called Enemy: A Practice of Empathy and Perspective-Taking Nicole Fegley & Clint Fuhs View Sleeping With Your So-Called Enemy is a practice that suggests a way to step outside of your own political views and into those of to your “other,” allowing you to expand your own perspective, be as inclusive as possible, and make the most compassionate decisions in your own life
Integral Economics. Part 1: Understanding our Economic Institutions Kevin Bowman & Clint Fuhs View This e-learning presentation offers an Integral economic framework to help differentiate fundamentalist approaches to economics from decidedly more sophisticated economic policies. It is argued that economic policies are often generated in the context of friction between fundamentalist conservative and liberal tendencies. For progress on several issues of economic concern today, Part 1 of this program aims to raise the level of debate to include more sophisticated versions of conservative and liberal approaches.